Ricoh G800 and G800SE


The simplicity of a camera • The power of data collection • Built for business: rugged and secure


NOTE: The G800-series cameras are being replaced by the G900-series. Limited stock of the G800-series is available.



  • Large buttons with tactile feedback.

  • Easy to hold.

  • Quick review screen.



  • Collect data using barcodes

  • Programmable data selection (memo fields)

  • Record location (GPS)



  • Integration with the cloud, using PhotoTag

  • Rugged - waterproof, dustproof and chemical resistant

  • Your data is secure with administration and encryption capabilities


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The G800 and G800SE cameras are powerful image- and video-capturing devices. They have an IP68 rating, making them dust and water-resistant; they're able to take photographs for 2 hours at depths of 5 meters. The G800/G800SE are chemical resistant, withstanding disinfection with ethanol, food-grade sodium hypochlorite, or liquid chlorine dioxide- a feature unique to these two models.


Ricoh has also improved the display, adding a back-illuminated CMOS sensor that takes bright photos in dim light. The wide-angle, 3-inch, 920k-dot picture display is easy to read, and full HD recording ensures high-quality videos.


New security features have been added to the G800/G800SE models. In addition to being able to restrict access to the camera by password protection, the user may now create separate user and administrator passwords. SDHC and SDXC memory cards can also be password-protected, preventing images from falling into the wrong hands if the card is lost or stolen.




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G800 vs. G800SE

The G800SE has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, with the option of GPS and barcode scanning attachments, while the G8800 does not. Learn more by viewing the comparison chart below. 

Ricoh G800SE Rugged Camera Front View

User Manual and Datasheet

Full-Featured Solution

If you take a lot of photos for work, finding the exact photo you need later can be time-consuming. Our PhotoTag software, which is compatible with the G800SE camera, allows you to associate photos with barcodes, RFID tags, categories, and manual tags, allowing you to find photos associated with a specific product. This is especially useful in tracking an item over time, as you would in manufacturing, shipping, or inspections. Please contact us if you're interested in trying a free trial of PhotoTag. Watch the video below to see a demonstration of PhotoTag.