Swift-ID SID400

The Swift-ID SID400 is a USB-connected EPCglobal UHF Gen 2 RFID reader and writer powered by a RAIN-compliant Impinj Indy RS2000 module. It accommodates up to four antennas. In addition to RFID functionality, the SID400 provides a 16-pin terminal block with four GPIO ports, and 5V and 12V outputs. Its USB 2.0 to serial bridge with configurable vendor ID allows for white-label solutions. System functions can be monitored through status LEDs.


Built for Integration


The Swift-ID SID400 can be controlled with the Swift-ID P830 or other Android™ or Android Things™ devices using the ID-Engine middleware from SDG Systems. Blue ID-Engine provides a full-featured Java SDK to control RFID reading and writing, settings and GPIOs. With additional software from SDG Systems, these Android systems can be configured into kiosk mode and managed remotely.

The GPIOs on the SID400 can be used to control a magnetic lock, LEDs, or other hardware. The flexibility and power of the Swift-ID SID400 makes it ideal for inventory management, asset tracking, industrial automation, kiosks and more.



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