TallyFlow for Employee Tracking

Construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing areas, and hospitals are all safer when there is accountability. This can be enhanced with tracking technology. We use RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons combined with our TallyFlow reporting software to track your employees’ movement within your facility or worksite. 

How Does It Work?

We set up RFID or Bluetooth readers and antennas in “zones,” which are areas that will log your employees’ location. Common zones include entry and exit points, certain rooms, or other points of interest, such as a rally point for mustering. We then give your employee an RFID badge or BLE beacon to wear or carry. When the tagged employee gets within range of a reader, a notification is sent to TallyFlow, recording the time and location the employee was in the zone. 


Here are some sample use cases:

Dock Workers.jpeg


Admins can receive notifications if a worker enters a zone they aren't supposed to be in, or if they spend too much time outside of a zone.

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Time Tracking 


TallyFlow records how long workers are on site for insurance and/or safety purposes.

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Contact Tracing 


TallyFlow provides an attendance and time history of who was on site and when.

Key Features

  • Physical tag (RFID, Bluetooth beacon, barcode) for person identification

  • Tracking zones for security or safety monitoring.

  • Easy enrollment with enrollment station or web interface

  • Integrated mobile device management (Device Conductor) or Azure Device Twins for device monitoring and updates

  • Cloud-based solution

  • Real-time reporting of data allows you to see events as they occur

  • Multi-location tracking ("gates" and sites)

  • Proven hardware integration with various RFID readers or barcode scanners

  • Modular design for quick adaptations to your needs

  • System notifications (customizable event notifications)

  • Photo integration of workers or items for enhanced security

  • Use of Long Range (LoRa) technology for large spaces

  • Optional source code access for collaborative enhancements

  • Optional sensor integration (extend to use other sensor technologies)

  • Worker segmentation by group, department or contractors (roadmap)

What data can admins access from TallyFlow Reports?


  • View the current location of all items and workers on site.

  • See most recent events (notifications), sorted by worker.

  • See time and event reporting. This is the time summary for the day (date and time range can be customized)

  • View events, sorted by zone. Get notified when an employee enters a zone they shouldn’t be in, or if an employee is in a zone for too long. For example, if an employee is moving perishable food that can’t be out of refrigeration longer than a certain amount of time, you can be notified if the food is about to be left out too long. 

  • View zone history - View reports that display how long each item or worker spent in each zone. Average and total times are available in a bar graph view.

  • View daily reporting, including time tracking

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