TallyFlow for Golf


Low cost, easy-to-install pace-of-play tracking solution

The problem of slow play is clear. “Slow play ruins golf,” as one golf instructor put it. Slow play causes player frustration and fewer rounds of golf played, resulting in player turnover and lost revenue for courses. TallyFlow for Golf is a pace-of-play tracking solution that reveals slow groups and real-time golf course insights, improving course management. Golf courses who use TallyFlow can achieve a quick return on investment through higher player
satisfaction and more rounds played.

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  • Real-time slow-play notifications enable the marshal to quickly respond to backups on the course.

  • Live data view gives a complete picture of the course at any time.

  • Solar-powered readers with long-range wireless technology enable a low-cost and environmentally-friendly system that is easy to set up and maintain.

  • No cart modifications are required, permitting the system to be easily installed and used with leased carts.

  • Holes can be monitored by grouping them together (e.g. holes 1-3) for highly cost-sensitive installations.

  • Course maintenance equipment can also be tracked.


  • TallyFlow for Golf web application for reporting and notifications

  • Real-time view of cart or groups by location helps identify bottlenecks

  • Golfer group-monitor feature offers self-correction and sense of pride. Shows current pace-of-play time at the turn and upon completion of the round.

  • GCAN - Golf Course Area Network

  • 8-channel 900MHz base station for long-range communication

  • Low-powered receivers for transmitting location and sensor data

  • Proprietary site-survey mapping software for reliable communication

  • Beacons - Rugged Bluetooth® Low-Energy (BLE) beacons with long battery life for low-maintenance cart and equipment tracking


  • TallyFlow for Golf: $125/course/month - includes beacon replacement every 3 years

  • Base station : $495 + $25/base-station/month-in-use (seasonal option)

  • On-course receiver: $495 + $10/receiver/month-in-use (seasonal option) 

  • BLE Beacons (initial purchase): $17.50/cart (includes industrial velcro)

Pricing Example

  • TallyFlow, Base Station, 8 receivers, 80 beacons

  • One time: $495 + 8 * $495 ($3960) + 80 * $17.50 ($1400) = $5855

  • Recurring: $125 + $25 + 8 * $10 = $230/mo. seasonal, $125/mo. off-season

Roadmap Features

  • Optional club member tracking with history

  • Sensor reporting: temperature, humidity, soil moisture level, etc.

  • Impact of course conditions on pace of play

  • Selecting course conditions (e.g. “rainy”) to vary pace parameters and notifications

  • Reports - Retrospective history helps you understand pace of play factors

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