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About Us

We are a software solutions company focused on helping you gain greater value from your data. Using RFID, IoT and other technologies, our TallyFlow tracking and PhotoTag software platforms help you improve productivity, profitability and safety while reducing time and material waste.

Our history


SDG Systems was founded in 2001 as a part-time entity by Todd and Aric Blumer, beginning with developer support and device drivers for the Sharp Zaurus. In December 2004, Todd started full time, porting Linux to the Trimble Recon and iPaq HX4700. We became a VAR partner of Trimble in 2006. Since then, we have grown to 10 people, have served thousands of customers, and currently have an annual turnover of 7-figures. SDG Systems is a privately held company located in Harmony, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh.

We partner primarily with solution providers in manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, logistics, retail, hospitality, industrial, GIS, and other industries. We provide value in operating system customizations, device drivers, software support and services. Our customers include some of our vendors, as we provide Android (AOSP) implementations on Trimble, Bluebird (Pidion), and Juniper Systems' products. Other customers include solution providers like Lockheed Martin, Tribogenics, Thales Engineering, BrainScope, HP Federal Service, Cassens Transport, Chiral Software and more. Our end customers deploy our rugged devices in a variety of markets.

We have always strived to be a different type of rugged mobile solutions provider. We are innovative, personal and responsive. When you work with SDG Systems, you will find these differences:

  • We have more engineers than sales people. When you have a technical problem, we will be able to help you.

  • We have been a leader in rugged Android (AOSP) devices since 2009 and mobile Linux since 2001. When you are deploying new technology, experience matters.

  • We provide fair pricing. Our products are discounted from list price.

  • We were rated by Open Ratings to have a PPE (Past Performance Evaluation) score of 96, which is a top 20% PPE score.

  • We have ported Android to several platforms and developed Android apps. We know Android from the PCB to the application level.


Why choose SDG Systems?


Exceptional Service:

  • Knowledgeable and helpful team

  • Quick response to inquiries

  • Online store for convenient ordering

  • Many products stocked for quick delivery

  • Reseller support and pricing


Extensive Experience:

  • Over 1500 customers served since 2001, including many repeat customers

  • Software team with Android programming experience since 2009

  • Deployments in government and commercial sectors worldwide

  • Leader in rugged Android (AOSP) devices


Flexible Solutions:

  • Customized software and operating system options

  • Multiple operating systems to best suit desired application

  • Full product assortment with many device configuration

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