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Community Engagement

TallyFlow for Network of Hope Food Bank


We helped the Network of Hope Food Bank transition from a paper-based tracking system to an electronic, barcode-based tracking system. 


The Network of Hope Food Bank has served communities in Western Pennsylvania since its founding in 2001. Their premier location in Butler, PA provides a food shopping distribution experience every other week. As the food bank has grown, the team needed to spend a significant amount of time determining how much food and what type of food was distributed each week. With approximately 25 shelf locations and 1500 boxes of dry goods, keeping track of the location of each type or category of food became more difficult. Robin Pikur, managing director, turned to our TallyFlow tracking system to help her manage inventory location, usage, and levels. 


After a consultation, we installed the tracking system at no cost to the Network of Hope (hardware and barcodes were sold at cost). Using the new system, the food bank is able to operate more efficiently, giving them more time to focus on the community. 

For more detail on how we implemented TallyFlow at the Network of Hope food bank, please read our case study

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