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Our software solutions are designed for systems integrators, MSPs, and other solution builders. As a partner or client, our strategy is to work with you for the deployment of your full solution as part of a long-term relationship. You offer business consulting, field implementation of the devices, integration with the software used by the client, project management, and overall support.  We offer our expertise along with hardware, software, services, and support.

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TallyFlow Partnership

TallyFlow is an intelligent asset tracking solution. It is designed for systems integrators, MSPs, and other solution builders who need to provide RFID and Bluetooth-enabled data collection, reporting, and data analysis for workflow and asset tracking applications. It provides an extensible, customizable platform for handling devices and data processing at the edge, storing and integrating collected data with other edge appliances and the cloud, and creating customizable reporting.


TallyFlow Offering Components

  • The core TallyFlow software platform, which provides the foundation for resiliency, security, and remote management of data collection services at the edge.

  • Dashboard - Either a customized / branded version of the default TallyFlow dashboard, or a completely new front-end interface custom built for your solution. 

  • Optional modules/enablers to support:

    • Various data collection sources & types (barcode, RFID, bluetooth beacon, location & tracking, sensor-collected data, photos)

    • Integration/communication (LoRaWAN, AMQP, MQTT, REST, Azure)

  • Custom branding for customer-facing software components

  • Assistance with business case development

  • Training

  • Consulting services, including: hardware & software component selection, solution-specific integration, custom component development, and initial setup & rollout.

  • Ongoing remote maintenance & support (level 3)


TallyFlow Business Benefits

  • Access to a software team that operates as an extension of your team gives you fast time to market and the ability to customize and brand TallyFlow for your needs

  • Discounted pricing provides you a source of recurring revenue with good margins

  • Integration at the API or cloud level gives you full control of the data and building custom integrations

  • Reduced risk due to using proven platform (security, resiliency, predictable costs, predictable time to market)

  • Training and documentation for your sales team

  • A new practice/service offering for your clients (system integrators)

If you're interested in becoming a TallyFlow partner, please contact us.

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