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Deploy with help from our team, or work with one of our channel partners.

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TallyFlow RFID & Bluetooth Tracking System - Improve Tracking, Workflows and Safety using RFID or Beacons

TallyFlow is an intelligent tracking solution that combines asset and personnel tracking with insightful analytics, helping you improve your business.

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PhotoTag Photo Management Software - Easily Filter and Retrieve Photos

PhotoTag is a cloud-based software solution specifically designed to simplify the process of capturing, organizing, and finding photos.

Software Components


Designed for channel partners, these building blocks will help your software team build your solutions faster.


ID-Engine RFID and Barcode Middleware - Simplify RFID, Bluetooth and Barcode Scanning Software Development on Android

ID-Engine is a software library, drivers and SDK to help you quickly deploy RFID, Bluetooth and Barcode Scanning solutions on Android.

Device Conductor setting up kiosk mode

Device Conductor MDM -  Lightweight MDM for Android

Device Conductor MDM is device (agent) and cloud-based management software to help you deploy and manage Android kiosks and company-owned devices. Used in conjunction with our Device Agent Writer software, the solution simplifies Android deployments.

Key Assure screenshot

KeyAssure - Secure Your Intellectual Property

KeyAssure is a cloud-based security service that provides life cycle management for encryption keys that are used by your software.

Industrial equipment using Modbus RFID

ModBus RFID - Connect RFID to Industrial Networks

Our ModBus RFID software collects RFID data and sends it over industrial networks using the ModBus protocol.

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