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TAGTalk RFID Middleware


We have partnered with RMS Omega to offer TAGTalk™, an RFID middleware application that gives organizations the tools they need to seamlessly perform these tasks:

  • Administer and control RFID devices

  • Transport resulting data to back-end systems

  • Connect to and manipulate an enterprise database


Due to its centralized configuration database, TAGTalk™ RFID middleware can be administered from a single computer –by a user-launched application or as a Windows service, and the software can run custom SQL statements or employ existing stored procedures.


How Does It Work?


TAGTalk™ is an RFID-enabled middleware application. It provides an enterprise with all the tools necessary to administer and control their RFID devices and transport the resulting data to a back-end system. TAGTalk™ also acts as an application framework, allowing custom applications to be written with ease.


Readers/Operation Configuration


Configuring the readers will define what each reader can do and “see.” The reader configuration is where all of the settings of the RFID reader are outlined while the operations configuration defines how to collect and process the data found on each tag.


Capture, Filter, and Aggregate Data


Capturing information from the tags allows the user to filter and aggregate meaningful data. The user can then transport the resulting data to backend (ODBC) systems to review and report the captured content.

Contact Us 

For more information about TAGTalk™, please contact us

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