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Case Studies

We've worked on a wide range of projects in many industries, including military, transportation, agriculture, corrections, and more. These case studies will give you an idea of what kind of projects we work on. If you have any questions about our case studies, or if you want to discuss your own project with us, please contact us.

Cassens truck square.jpg

Cassens Case Study


When Cassens Transport transitioned from a paper-based to an electronic logistics system, we helped them design a barcode scanning sled and software solution that would meet their requirements.

poynt square.png

Poynt Case Study


We registered as a Poynt development partner in order to assist customers looking to develop applications for the Poynt terminal. 

Shipping Madix.png

Madix Case Study

Madix requested an update from SDG to their image capture and retrieval system which currently utilizes rugged cameras to send tagged images to an internally-hosted network shared drive.

Jay at network of hope food back small.jpeg

Network of Hope Food Bank Case Study


The Network of Hope Food Bank serves communities in Western Pennsylvania. Robin Pikur, managing director, turned to TallyFlow to help her keep track of inventory location, usage and levels.


Sun Surveillance Case Study

Sun Surveillance is a top manufacturer of solar-powered wireless security camera systems. To ensure that every security camera assembly meets their rigorous standards, Sun Surveillance relies on PhotoTag as part of their quality control process. 


MKB Company Case Study

MKB Company, a manufacturing company that specializes in erosion control products, integrated PhotoTag into their operations to streamline their paperwork management and to communicate proof of shipment, payment or delivery. 


Component Repair Technologies Case Study

Component Repair Technologies, Inc. (CRT) is an FAA certified repair station specializing in gas turbine engine component repairs for aircraft. They are using TallyFlow asset tracking to track the movement components and parts in their facility. 

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