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Component Repair Technologies Case Study

About Component Repair Technologies (CRT)

Component Repair Technologies, Inc. (CRT) is an FAA certified repair station specializing in gas turbine engine component repairs for aircraft. Their wide variety of processes and skilled employees have positioned them as leaders in the aviation component repair industry. CRT has built a reputation for quality and responsive service by providing precision turbine engine component inspection, repair and overhaul services for the world’s leading turbine engine manufacturers and major airlines since 1985.



With a large manufacturing facility and a high volume of parts moving through the facility, CRT struggled to keep track of all of its parts and documents. Additionally, CRT relied on manual tracking methods, which were prone to errors and inefficiencies.


Solution: TallyFlow asset tracking

To solve these problems, CRT turned to SDG Systems and their TallyFlow asset tracking system. Using more than 20 fixed TallyPoint and mobile Atid RFID readers, they can now quickly track and locate lost folders and aircraft parts within the facility. With RFID tags on all aircraft parts and folders, CRT can see exactly where each item is at any given time, reducing the risk of lost items and improving inventory management.


Using the TallyFlow mobile software and handheld RFID readers, the CRT employees can quickly and easily locate items on the go, without having to search through the entire facility. This has greatly improved the speed and efficiency of the repair and asset locating process.


By providing near real-time tracking and location capabilities, CRT has been able to significantly improve its operations and provide better service to its customers. Matt See, Production Supervisor at CRT, explains: 


“TallyFlow has provided CRT another tool to our belt when it comes to the visibility of our components and their work instructions. With the growth of the company as a whole and the size of the facility expanding, keeping track of components and paperwork started to become troublesome at times. Being in the aircraft component repair business this is a very expensive issue. The smallest of subcomponents can cost thousands of dollars to replace if lost, and hours of labor wasted! TallyFlow's RFID system gives us the ability to track and locate our parts using tags, antennas, and handheld devices to narrow down our searches. We use the information provided by Tallyflow 100's of times a day! This system saves us time, labor efforts, and helps prevent the frustration of misplaced items.” 


About TallyFlow 

TallyFlow is an asset tracking software that helps companies locate their inventory, tools, or containers quickly and easily. With TallyFlow, companies can measure time intervals, locate bottlenecks, and receive data on the status and movement of their assets (work-in-process tracking). TallyFlow's cloud-based software integrates with other software systems and provides comprehensive reporting and searching capabilities.


TallyFlow is suitable for different industries, including manufacturing, distribution, construction, and industrial sectors. Its unique ways of tracking inventory using RFID, barcode scanning, photos, and other technologies help companies locate lost or stale material quickly and prevent material waste.


About RFID

TallyFlow tracks inventory primarily with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), a technology that uses radio waves to identify and track objects. RFID tags, which are small electronic devices attached to objects, transmit a unique identification code to RFID readers, which can then be used to locate and track those objects.


RFID technology allows companies to quickly and accurately locate items that have been misplaced or lost, which is particularly useful in large facilities where manual tracking methods can be time-consuming and prone to errors.


By attaching RFID tags to inventory items and installing RFID readers throughout the facility, companies can track the movement and location of their inventory in near real-time. This enables them to quickly locate lost items and minimize the impact on operations.


Getting a positive return on TallyFlow asset tracking

TallyFlow can help companies to achieve a positive return on investment in several ways:

  • Automate tasks.  Automate many tasks that would normally be done manually. For example, RFID tags can be used to track asset or inventory movements, enabling companies to quickly locate items without having to manually search for them. This saves time and increases productivity.

  • Minimize lost inventory. Streamline processes and minimize the risk of lost or misplaced inventory. By tracking inventory in real-time, companies can better manage their stock levels and reduce the need for excess inventory, saving money on storage and handling costs.

  • Reduce errors. Reduce the risk of errors in tracking and inventory management. By automating these processes, TallyFlow can help to eliminate human error and improve data accuracy.

  • Deliver better customer service. Easily track and fulfill orders, resulting in faster turnaround times and higher customer satisfaction.


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