TallyPoint RF-1 RFID Edge Reader


The TallyPoint RF-1 is an all-in-one 4-port, intelligent, secure UHF RFID reader.

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Video: Monitor Shipment Damage with the ShockWatch RFID Tag and the TallyPoint RF-1 Reader

The ShockWatch RFID tag by SpotSee.io shows when a shipment or other object has been damaged both visually and through RFID. The TallyPoint RF-1 reader can report the damage locally (through LED or external alarm), and by sending the data to TallyFlow or the cloud, such as Azure IoT Hub or GCP IoT Core.

Technically, the TallyPoint RF-1 reader is reporting the NXP tamper flag, so this solution can be used for other industries that require monitoring the tamper flag with certain NXP RFID integrated circuits.

Blog Post: Managing a TallyPoint RF-1 Reader

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Blog Post: RFID on Azure Using the TallyPoint RF-1 Reader

Learn how our TallyPoint RF-1 UHF RFID reader can be used as an edge device to send data directly to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, enabling powerful solutions in Azure, in this blog post.

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