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PhotoTag Photo Management 



Organize and Access Photos with Categories, Tags, and Barcode or NFC data

When photos are used in your documentation process, whether for inspections, quality assurance, or proof of condition, it's essential to keep all the photos organized in one place, and easy to retrieve and manage.


PhotoTag is a cloud-based software solution that helps users and solution integrators simplify and automate the process of capturing, storing, organizing and utilizing photos. It allows you to label and sort photos by barcode numbers, NFC tags, and user-defined categories. The photos are then automatically uploaded to the cloud, where they are stored securely.  Once photos are stored in the cloud, they can be easily retrieved by selecting tags in our web application, Android, or iOS app.


Integrations are straightforward using our REST API or Webhooks functionality. The PhotoTag REST API allows developers to pull data and photos from PhotoTag to store in another system. With Webhooks, PhotoTag can notify your server or another service when photos are uploaded. Advanced pattern matching allows you to map PhotoTag categories and tags to your business data without manual processes. PhotoTag's programmer-friendly service and a wide selection of available data fields saves time and effort. We help you collect and manage your data.

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“Since we started using the PhotoTag app, the amount of time taking and filing pictures is down to minutes (over 400 photos a day)… Truly an excellent product.”

- Bill Flinchum, Quality Assurance Coordinator, Babbitting Service, Inc.


  • Easy-to-use mobile app

  • Automatic GPS and date tagging

  • Easily searchable image catalog

  • Customizable categories

  • Associate barcode or NFC data with photos

  • Supports integrated barcode scanners on rugged Android devices

  • Photos are uploaded and stored securely

  • Easy to use, open REST API for your developers

  • Configurable user permissions

  • Compatible with the Ricoh G900-series cameras

  • Export for Google My Maps

  • Proven robustness with millions of photos!

  • Webhooks, for realtime integrations


  • PhotoTag can be used by anyone authorized to take photos due to its user-friendly interface

  • No need to manually tag a photo with the date or location, since PhotoTag does this automatically.

  • Photos are automatically synchronized, so you don't need to manually upload photos.

  • Cloud-hosted solution is usable anywhere, anytime.

  • Photos taken by different devices and people are stored in one location, making them easy to find.

  • Works with your enterprise software

  • Categories can be applied to multiple photos without having to manually choose a category before taking each photo.

How Does PhotoTag Work?

A brief summary of the PhotoTag mobile workflow is listed in the steps below each photo. 

PhotoTag Tag setup tab.jpg

1. Once you've logged in to the app, go to the Tag setup tab to add the tags and categories you want to be applied to your photos. Categories are used for broad grouping of photos, while tags label your photos in more detail.

PhotoTag Barcode button.jpg

2. If you would like a barcode to be a tag, select the barcode icon to scan a barcode using your device’s built-in camera. Once you’ve scanned it, the barcode number will appear with your other tags in the Tag setup tab.

PhotoTag Take photo.jpg

3. Take a photo by selecting the camera tab. The tags and categories will be displayed on the image. The tags and categories are automatically linked to those photos and uploaded to the cloud.

PhotoTag Photo list tab.jpg

4. View the image in the Photo list tab, and search and manage images using the app or web interface. Images can be searched by their tags, categories, date, or GPS coordinates. 

PhotoTag Web Interface Example

PhotoTag Web Interface Example Screenshot

Use Cases: Example Workflows

Freight Claims

Freight Claims. Incorrectly sent, damaged or missing freight can be costly and time consuming to process. Use PhotoTag to scan barcodes of the order number, pallet label or other barcode or NFC tag. Then, capture pictures of the freight as it is wrapped, staged, or loaded on trucks. As incorrect, damaged or missing freight is discovered, your customer service team can easily look up the photos and send them to a customer or logistics company. These photos serve as proof of condition and quantity as the items are shipped, and are extremely valuable for insurance-related claims. Read a case study about one of our customers, Madix, who uses PhotoTag for freight claims. 

Ellwood Steel Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing. It is important to capture photos of manufacturing work in process, especially when your team finds defects or other anomalies, without slowing down. PhotoTag allows you to quickly scan a barcode, such as a work order, and capture images of products or assemblies. Photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud for review and corrective action.

For more information, please visit our PhotoTag for Manufacturing page.

Inspection on Bridge

Inspections and Progress Tracking. Maintaining an organized history of photos can be time consuming. PhotoTag does the organizing for you! Read an NFC tag or barcode on an inspection point or location. Capture pictures of the current condition of the items. Over time, you can see the sorted organized changes to each item. If you're using the Ricoh G900SE, you can use the watermark feature to align the photos for each shot.

PhotoTag Introductory Video

Learn more about PhotoTag by watching our introductory video below.

Free Trial

If you want to try PhotoTag out before paying for it, you can register for a free 30-day trial. No credit card is required. 

Download our App on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Get our PhotoTag mobile app on Google Play and on the App Store!


PhotoTag Demo Video​

Watch our video below to see how PhotoTag captures and organizes photos. 

PhotoTag Tutorial Playlist

Learn how to use more PhotoTag features by checking out our PhotoTag playlist on YouTube

PhotoTag User Manual and Brochure

View our user manual for PhotoTag.


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