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Find the Photos You Need
for Freight Claims in Seconds

Quickly resolve freight claims and reduce claim denials with our PhotoTag photo management system

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Quickly resolve freight claims
Tag your shipment photos with the order number, tracking number, or other custom labels so that you can quickly find them if a freight claim is filed.

Reduce claim denials

Claim denials are often due to missing or incomplete documentation. Take photos of your shipments to document that you shipped them correctly and in good condition.

Improve your operations
Easily accessible and categorized photos mean quicker decision-making, reduced administrative overhead, and proactive risk management.

How to Organize Photos for Freight Claims

Key Features

Tagging and categorization
Tag and categorize photos by shipment number, product type, serial number, tracking number, or other tags and categories of your choosing.

If your desired tag is a barcode value, you can scan the barcode with your device’s built-in camera or integrated scanner, and it will automatically create a tag. This allows you to quickly find photos of the exact shipment or product that you need. 

Easy photo capture
Take photos directly in the app, or upload photos from your mobile device. PhotoTag is available on iOS and Android, and can be used on-the-go for ultimate flexibility. 

For a more rugged solution, or if you have to scan many barcodes, our PhotoTag for Rugged Android app allows you to capture photos and scan barcodes with a rugged Android device such as the Zebra TC21.

Find your photos quickly 
Select tags and categories for automatic filtering, or manually search for a tag or category in the search bar. In the web app, you can also search by date or uploader.

Secure cloud storage 
Your photos are always available from any mobile device and are encrypted and stored on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Share photos by category 
Share photos from a specific category with customers or your insurance company. You can also download and share photos. 

How does PhotoTag work?
A brief summary of the PhotoTag mobile app workflow

Step 1: Set up tags and categories

Log in to the app. Click on the Tag setup tab to add the tags and categories you want to be applied to your photos. Categories are used for broad groupings of photos, while tags label your photos in more detail.

Tag Setup Updated 2023.jpg

Optional: Tag photo with barcode or serial number

If you would like a photo to be associated with a barcode or serial number, select the barcode icon to scan a barcode using your device’s built-in camera.

PhotoTag Barcode Setup.PNG

Step 2: Take a photo

To take a photo, select the Camera tab. The tags and categories you selected in step 1 are automatically linked to your photo and are uploaded to the cloud.

Camera View 2023.jpg

Step 3: Use List View to find images

View the photo in the Photo list tab. Search and filter images using the app or web interface. Search images typing in the search box or by selecting tags, categories, date, or GPS coordinates. 

Photo List View 2023.jpg


Q: What equipment do I need to use your PhotoTag solution? 

A: You need an Android or iOS smartphone to use the PhotoTag app. A web browser is required for administration and advanced functionality.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: You can find our pricing table on our main PhotoTag page


Q: Do you have case studies of customers who use your PhotoTag solution for freight claims?

A: Yes, you can find them here:

Blog Post​

This blog post gives additional information on how to use PhotoTag for freight claims.

Contact us

If you’re interested in using PhotoTag for freight claims, please contact us. We can schedule a demo, or you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.

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