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Sun Surveillance Case Study


Sun Surveillance is a top manufacturer of solar-powered wireless security camera systems. Because the camera systems are powered by solar panels, they operate continuously, 24/7/365, providing customers around the world with reliable and uninterrupted service. To ensure that every security camera assembly meets their rigorous standards, Sun Surveillance relies on PhotoTag as part of their quality control process. 


About PhotoTag

PhotoTag is an easy, cost-effective photo documentation application that allows businesses to keep a visual record of the quality of their products. PhotoTag allows users to quickly scan a barcode, such as a work order, and capture images of products or assemblies. Users can label and filter photos by barcode numbers, serial numbers, work orders, location, or any other relevant data. Photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud for review and corrective action.

How Sun Surveillance uses PhotoTag

Using PhotoTag, Sun Surveillance captures photos of each assembly during every stage of the manufacturing process, including the in-process quality control (IPQC) and outgoing quality control (OQC) stages. 


In-Process Quality Control Stage

The manufacturing team at Sun Surveillance uses PhotoTag during the IPQC stage to take photos of each security camera assembly as it is being manufactured. This allows for real-time monitoring of the manufacturing process and early detection of any defects. The app associates each photo with a barcode, making it easy to track each assembly’s progress and quality. By identifying and correcting defects in real-time, Sun Surveillance can ensure that each camera system meets the required quality standards before advancing to the next stage of production.

Outgoing Quality Control Stage

During the OQC stage, the shipping department uses PhotoTag to capture photos of each camera system before it is shipped out, enabling Sun Surveillance to verify that the camera system is in perfect condition before it leaves their facility. 

Freight Claims

It also serves as documentation in case any damage occurs during transit. In the event that customers receive damaged panels, control boards or other components, Sun Surveillance can quickly retrieve the original photos captured by PhotoTag to verify the condition of the camera system before it was shipped. This helps the company to resolve any issues efficiently, ensuring customer satisfaction. 



By utilizing PhotoTag for in-process and outgoing quality control measures, Sun Surveillance can maintain high-quality standards throughout the manufacturing and shipping processes. PhotoTag’s intuitive interface and barcode tracking system allow the company to document each panel's journey from production to delivery, ensuring that every customer receives a high-quality product that meets their standards.

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If you think PhotoTag would be a good fit for your business, please contact us. If you would like to learn more about how PhotoTag can be used in manufacturing, please visit our PhotoTag for Manufacturing page

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