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Poynt Case Study

August 29, 2016


Poynt is the creator of Poynt Payment Terminal (PPT), a smart, all-in-one payment terminal that features an open platform, which allows for customization and added functionality. The company’s goal is to give merchants access to innovative technology without compromising on security or user experience. Here are some of PPT’s key features:​

  • Dual screens allow for customer input and signature capture without having to pivot the device.

  • Poynt payment terminal has a wide variety of payment capabilities, including MSR, EMV and NFC (Apple Pay/Android Pay).

  • A receipt printer is built into the unit, enabling 
    printing on-the-go.

  • The included base station with USB and Ethernet connectivity integrates with many hardware peripherals including cash drawers, scales, and printers, making it incredibly straightforward to transition from a multi-device connected system to a mobile payment terminal.

  • The PPT is built on top of the Android operating system, so most Android applications can be installed and run without any changes to the application.

Poynt payment terminal in action



We registered as a Poynt development partner in order to assist customers looking to develop applications for the Poynt terminal. Poynt refers customers directly to us for customization and development needs.


One such customer contacted us with a (web-based) application that they needed to be able to scan barcodes into the Poynt device. We updated EPX to support the Code CR2300 Bluetooth barcode scanner in a background service so that the Poynt terminal could support inventory scanning and checkout simultaneously. Then, we implemented a webview-oriented Android application that exposed commands to the application for retrieving and processing scanned barcodes both in synchronous scanning and batch modes.


In another case, one of the first payment processors to be EMV-certified for the Poynt Terminal needed a software development partner to help them provide solutions to their customers. We were able to help them by implementing applications and barcode scanning solutions for their customers. These solutions expanded the productivity suite of applications available for the Poynt devices being deployed.

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