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The Museum Software (TMS) Mobile Helper


Keep your museum's collection organized and secure with our The Museum Software (TMS) Mobile Helper app. Designed to be used together with your existing TMS application and database, the mobile app allows you to update your artifact data on the go. Track your artifacts wherever they are, whether they are in storage, on display, or even at another museum. 


  • Inventory management. Track the location of every artifact in your collection.

  • Access control. Users must scan their ID badge to log in, making the app more secure than a username and password combination. 

  • Loan management. Track the location of artifacts that are on loan to other museums.




  • Improved organization. Easily locate your artifacts when you need them. Know where each artifact is at all times.

  • Enhanced security. With access control and inventory tracking, you can ensure that your artifacts are protected from theft or damage.

  • Efficient loan management. Our software streamlines the loan process, so you can quickly and easily manage loans and returns.




  • Windows server 2012 or above

  • Compatible mobile device. Currently TMS is supported on the following devices: 

    • Janam XT2

    • Janam XT3


Do you need your device supported? Adding support for other devices is generally a straightforward process. Contact us for your specific needs and an estimate.

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