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Vivarium Census System

Cage Census Application for Animal Research Facilities

We have partnered with RMS Omega to bring you their vivarium census system for animal research facilities. Animal research facilities rely on performing cage census for billing purposes, but they often underestimate the cost of managing and counting the cages, which is critical for business. What’s worse is when they don’t get an accurate count and cannot locate cages.


RFID Pro’s VCS (Vivarium Census System) is adaptable to any research facility in the life sciences industry and provides value by:

  • Improving accuracy

  • Eliminating bad data

  • Counting and locating

  • Real-time reporting

  • Quality control


Improving Accuracy

RFID tags, unlike barcodes, do not need line-of-sight reading. The RFID device will capture the tag’s unique ID and will transmit that information to a server or a computer using VCS. RFID technology eliminates the human error aspect of a census, ensuring 99-100% accuracy.

Eliminating Bad Data

VCS never counts twice and provides the right data in real-time. VCS’s census reports show what cages have and have not been seen in a particular location. If a cage is missing, a report will show the information related to that cage.


Counting & Locating

VCS, combined with RFID technology, allows rapid wall-to-wall counting and locating. With the RFID tags, users can count multiple cages in seconds, versus minutes with barcode technology, or hours with pen and paper.


Real-Time Reporting

The Vivarium Census System allows for strong live reporting for billing purposes and can drive data into a commercial suite or homegrown system.


Quality Control

Quality Control has never been so easy. VCS facilitates census, so every cage is accounted for every time. Let us help you define the most important elements of cage tracking for your facility, from room location to principal investigator.

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