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Device Conductor MDM


Using a full Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) application can be time-consuming and expensive. Designed for small and midsize businesses, our Device Conductor solution is a simple kiosk and application management solution for Android.


Local device functionality (see screenshots below):

Disable device applications (blacklist apps from being visible).

Device Conductor screenshot Apps view

Select a single app to run in kiosk mode.


Disable certain device functionality (e.g. camera).

Device Conductor Screenshot Features View

Cloud functionality supports the local functionality, plus:

  • Device status

  • Pull device logs

  • Push and update apps

  • Reboot device

A demo version of Device Conductor is available by using our Device Agent Writer application.

Device Agent Writer

Provisioning Android devices with a Device Owner application, like Device Conductor, can be time-consuming. Device Agent Writer give you the ability to create different Device Owner configurations, then use those configurations to provision new devices. Device Agent Writer is available on Google Play. A demo version of Device Conductor is included as a sample configuration in Device Agent Writer.

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