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ATID RF-Prisma

The RF-Prisma is a high-performance handheld RFID and barcode bluetooth reader from ATID. It is a semi-rugged device, with a drop spec of 1.2m (4 feet). It is lightweight  at 8 oz. and has a long read range, making it excellent for indoor environments. 

Key Features

  • EPC Class 1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C, Rain RFID

  • 1D & 2D Barcode Scanning (Optional)

  • Bluetooth 4.1

  • Compatible with Windows, Android & iOS

  • Trigger handle with Ergonomic Design - Mount mechanism

  • Dropspec 1.2m (4ft)




For pricing information, please contact us

More RF-Prisma Photos

View additional RF-Prisma photos below. 

RF-Prisma Radiation Pattern

The RF-Prisma has a linear radiation pattern. The center of the graph represents the location of the antenna. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 9.03.54 AM.png
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