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OS Customization and Porting


Our consulting services are designed to create a successful environment for your Android-related projects, and our consultants can help you navigate through a variety of strategic and tactical matters related to implementing or deploying Android solutions, including::

  • Planning an Android strategy. Senior staff members have the experience to provide expert Android advice. We've been selling, marketing and communicating with vendors, solution providers and enterprise end-users about Android since 2009, and mobile and embedded computing since 2001.

  • Addressing Android implementation concerns. Our consultants can shed light on Google Play Services, kiosk mode, fragmentation, security, etc., and how to address these areas.

  • Selecting hardware or software components for an Android implementation. Our technical staff can provide advice and experience based on numerous Android operating system ports and the development of applications. Hardware areas include selection of processor and other components (WiFi, GPS, cellular, barcode, RFID, etc.). Software areas include cloud, mapping, location, data collection and other services.

  • Providing leadership or targeted expertise for Android projects. Our senior engineers can oversee a project to ensure that the Android implementation is delivered on time and within budget, providing experienced guidance to a client’s own engineering staff. Our engineering team can supplement existing engineering teams with expert advice: requirements definition, system architecture, testing strategy and methodology, code reviews, system vulnerabilities and risk, identification and prioritization of issues, etc. Our senior engineers have an average of more than 15 years of computer industry experience.

  • Implementing complete Android solutions. Our engineering team has successfully completed Android operating system implementations (“ports”), and has developed and deployed custom Android applications.

Value Reselling

We've worked for several years on various handheld computers. We have done complete Linux ports to new hardware platforms, such as the Trimble Nomad, as well as enhancements to other platforms. This work gives us an intimate understanding of the hardware and operating system environment. We have extensive experience with multiple operating systems, but we specialize in the Linux® operating system.

Here is what one of our customers, Drakontas LLC, had to say:

"After a thorough investigation of the hardware platforms available we selected the TDS Recon for our project with Drexel University's Department of Public Safety. It offered the best combination of functionality, form factor and ruggedness," said James Sim, President and COO of Drakontas. "Additionally, the support we received from SDG Systems was invaluable. Our situational awareness software application "DragonForce" is Linux-based. Finding a partner to assist us with the hardware and operating system we use is a huge plus for our operation. We look forward to expanding this relationship as our project needs increase in the coming year."


We've been actively involved in the Android community since 2009. We had been actively implementing and debugging Linux kernel and device driver code since 2001, so Android was a natural extension to the work we had already been doing. We completed our first Android port in that year to the Trimble Nomad. Since then, we've implemented Android 2.1, 2.3, and 4.1 on various hardware platforms -- not just in an academic "90%" sense, but released products with real customers. We've partnered with both large and small companies to deploy projects based on our standard and customized solutions. Some of these include the following:

  • Lockheed-Martin

  • Texas Instruments

  • Hewlett-Packard

  • Sharp Corporation

  • US Army

  • Teamcor

  • Trimble

  • Chiral Software

  • BrainScope

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