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Payment Bridge for Poynt 


The Payment Bridge for Poynt is a wireless payment solution for the Poynt terminal. It “bridges” between existing point of sale (POS) solutions and the Poynt terminal to allow the processing of modern payment methods including EMV, Apple Pay and Google Pay.



Many existing point of sale (POS) solutions avoid the compliance headaches of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) by connecting to a payment terminal. Usually, these payment terminals have wires and connections to PCs that are difficult to configure and create a wire mess. Our payment bridge is a wireless solution to connect to the Poynt payment terminal, keeping the counter and payment area clear, promoting mobility of payment. That is, you can hand the payment terminal to a customer, or move it around the store.



The primary benefits of the payment bridge are its wireless connectivity to existing POS systems, and its ability to connect on your local network. The local network connection provides a fast connection to the terminal, so payment processing does not slow down your workflow. The payment bridge also supports using a single Poynt terminal for multiple POS systems.

What POS solutions support the payment bridge?

Currently we have a plugin for OpenDental used by our partner Moolah. Other integrations can be completed in a short period of time.


How does the payment bridge work?

Some of the technical details are proprietary, but the basic understanding is that the payment bridge provides a programming interface between the client POS system and the Poynt Terminal. Contact us for details, including sample code for Windows and the REST API.

Payment bridge for Poynt video

Learn more about the payment bridge by watching our introductory video below.

Poynt Payment Terminal on Counter
Poynt Payment Terminal in action
Poynt Payment Terminal closeup
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