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SensThys SensArray Enterprise Readers


The new SensArray Enterprise reader combines a UHF passive RFID reader with an integrated 8.5dBic antenna in a 10” x 10” form-factor. It operates at a full industry maximum of +33dBm via the 90W Class 8 PoE input, so no separate DC power input is required. It is an EPIC native RAIN RFID reader, which offers guaranteed data and infinite tag life. 

Unlike other enterprise readers, the SensArray Enterprise passes power out to any additional PoE devices in the network, including other SensArray readers, massively reducing cabling and increasing install flexibility.


It is available in flat/through-hole mounting or VESA 100mm studded mounting.


  • Four (4) PoE ports, accepts Class 8 (90W) for extended networking with additional SensArray Readers and other PoE devices

  • Up to 26 readers/chain for large networks

  • GPIO connection delivers 30W to peripherals

  • +33dBm transmit power, highest allowed in the market

  • Industry-leading unique tag read-rates

  • Integrated antenna (8.5 dBic) plus up to 3 additional antenna ports

  • Built-in Ethernet switching and integrated PoE power distribution system for robust performance over simple and complex networks

  • "All-in-one" unit with additional ports for expansion capability

  • Neutral colored, slim form-factor only 21mm/0.4" thick

  • Color and silk screening is customizable

SensArray Pro Enterprise RFID Reader



The SensArray Enterprise reader is ideal for manufacturing, distribution, medical, and other indoor environments. 

Full-Featured Solution Available


For a complete RFID solution, use the reader in conjunction with our TallyFlow software, which will give you detailed, realtime inventory reports. 


For pricing information, please contact us or visit our online store




View the Sensthys SensArray Enterprise reader datasheet below.

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