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Simplify your FSMA Section 204 Compliance with TallyFlow

Ensure food safety with our GS1-powered tracking software

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FSMA 204 Overview

On January 20, 2026, food businesses will need to be fully compliant with the Food Traceability Rule (or FSMA 204). This rule applies to companies involved in manufacturing, processing, packaging, or holding any food on the FDA's Food Traceability List (FTL). Under FSMA 204, these businesses must be able to identify and provide critical tracking events (CTEs) and key data elements (KDEs) to the FDA within 24 hours of a foodborne illness investigation or recall. This traceability allows authorities to trace food items back to their source, including specific farms and lot numbers.


Is Software Required to Comply with FSMA 204?

The FDA doesn't mandate specific software, and there's no one-size-fits-all technology solution. However, many businesses prefer to use software for its efficiency and accuracy. It can significantly reduce manual errors and automate parts of the compliance workflow.


How TallyFlow Simplifies FSMA 204 Compliance

Our TallyFlow tracking software simplifies your FSMA 204 compliance. It does this by associating GS1 tags with your food items, an option given by the FDA to improve traceability. These tags, encoded with essential details like lot number, serial number, company prefix, and product identifier, allow anyone in the supply chain – from shippers to inspectors – to quickly identify the farm and product using a barcode or RFID tag.


TallyFlow Key Benefits

  • FSMA Section 204 Compliance

    • Manage Key Data Elements (KDEs) & Critical Tracking Events (CTEs).

    • Meet the January 2026 deadline with confidence.

    • Reduce risk of fines and improve food safety visibility.

  • Simplified Traceability with GS1 Standards

    • Use existing barcode and RFID technology for seamless data capture.

    • Improve supply chain transparency for faster recalls and safer products.

    • Future-proof your traceability system with globally recognized standards.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    • Eliminate manual data entry and simplify operations.

    • Reduce errors and improve data accuracy for cost savings.

    • Scalable solution to fit your company's size and budget.

TallyFlow Features

Intuitive interface
User-friendly platform for easy data management

Near Real-Time Tracking 
Monitor product movement throughout the supply chain.

Secure Cloud Storage 
Ensure data integrity and accessibility

GS1 Tag Printing 
Generate compliant tags when boxing products

Process Overview


Initial Steps

TallyFlow uses GS1 tags for global traceability. Producers register with in order to obtain company and product identities. Once these are obtained from GS1, the producer can enter values into TallyFlow settings for the mobile application to correctly generate the tags required for traceability. 



While packing boxes of produce or other FSMA-regulated foods, TallyFlow Mobile prints GS1-compliant RFID and barcode labels for a box or pallet (a parent tag of the individual boxes). Encoded into each box tag is the producer, the product number, a lot number and a serial number. TallyFlow uses categories to determine which product is being packed. For example, a category of Cucumbers GS1-01 will use product ID 01 to associate with the product being boxed. A worker will place these tags on the boxes. When printing a parent tag, such as a pallet tag, each subsequent box tag is associated with the parent until a new parent tag is created or cleared. TallyFlow Mobile adjusts the lot numbers and serial numbers automatically.



During the shipping process, the producer will scan or enter an invoice number or other identifier with the shipment so that the items are associated with this invoice. Employing optional parent tags for grouping assets together, a producer can move a pallet or group of tags together with a single scan.  In the TallyFlow web application, users can search for items by lot number, specific tag or invoice number.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the manual for my camera?
    A hard copy of the camera manual was included in the box with your camera. A searchable PDF version of the same manual is on the CD included in the box. If you've lost the original CD or just need access to the PDF manual, you can find them here: 500SE User Manual: G700SE User Manual: G800SE User Manual: G900SE User Manual:
  • What is the standard warranty for Ricoh cameras and accessories?
    The standard warranty for Ricoh cameras and accessories is 1 year.
  • Does an extended warranty cover the camera and any accessories, or just the camera?"
    The extended warranty only covers the camera, it does not include external modules such as the GP-1 and BR-1.
  • Some settings on my G800SE/G900SE have been changed. How can I reset it to factory defaults?
    Note: This process will erase any communication settings and camera presets. G700SE & G800SE Instructions: 1. With the camera off, rotate the dial at the top to "Scene". 2. Simultaneously hold the Trash/Timer button (bottom left) and the green Playback button (top right) until the screen displays "Initialize the Setting". 3. Arrow over to "Yes", then hit OK. 4. The camera should now be reset to factory defaults, and ask you to choose a language and set the date and time. G900SE Instructions: 1. With the camera off, rotate the dial at the top of the camera to SCN 2. Simultaneously press the playback and Fn (Trash) button and hold for about 4 seconds. Then "Execute"
  • Can I use an external flash with the G700SE/G800SE?
    Since the G700SE/G800SE do not have a functional hotshoe the customer will need to use an optical slave flash with a pre-flash selectable mode. They can also use the following optical trigger with a standard flash. They can use Ricoh's GF-1 flash as well. It can be purchased from Amazon:
  • How do I scan barcodes through the lens (TTL)?
    Note: The camera must have a memo list loaded in order to scan barcodes. If you do not have a memo list or if no memo dialog appears when you press the ADJ./MEMO button, please use the "List Editor" program included with the camera to create a memo list. 1. If the Memo dialog doesn’t appear, press the ADJ./MEMO button. 2. Press the left arrow to initiate the barcode scan. 3. Hold the camera close to the barcode so the blue aiming rectangle encloses the barcode. 4. The barcode data should now appear in the Barcode memo field.
  • How do I scan barcodes using the BR-1 scanner attachment?
    Note: The camera must have a memo list loaded in order to scan barcodes. If you do not have a memo list or if no memo dialog appears when you press the ADJ./MEMO button, please use the "List Editor" program included with the camera to create a memo list. 1. If the Memo dialog doesn’t appear, press the ADJ./MEMO button 2. Press the yellow Scan button on the BR-1 to initiate the barcode scan 3. The barcode data should now appear in the Barcode memo field
  • Why can't List Editor or ST-10 see my camera?
    List Editor and ST-10 write settings to the SD card in your camera, so if no SD card is inserted you will get an error stating that no camera is connected. If you do have an SD card in the camera you may need to format the card using the camera (Menu -> Setup tab -> Format [Card]).
  • Where can I find firmware updates for my camera?
    New firmware updates are available directly from Ricoh here: G800SE Series: G900SE Series: Instructions for checking and updating the firmware can be found at the bottom of the page.
  • What is the standard warranty coverage?
    The camera and accessories (excluding battery) are covered for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.
  • What is the extended warranty coverage?
    The extended warranty extends the standard warranty by 1 or 2 years.
  • What is the warranty on a repaired device? Is the repaired component the only part under this warranty?
    Repairs are covered for 90 days or the remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty if repaired during the original manufacturer’s warranty period, whichever is longer. The warranty is only for the work performed.
  • Where do I send my repair?
    To request a Ricoh camera repair service, please contact Precision Camera Services at 800.665.6515. Their address is 7 Anngina Drive, Enfield, CT 06082.
  • Can I draw on photos that I have taken?
    We do not have photo editing features at this time. If you need to edit a photo, you can capture a picture, edit the picture with other tools, then upload the photo to PhotoTag, all on your mobile device.

Case Study

Learn how Houser Farms is using our TallyFlow asset management software to comply with FSMA section 204 by reading our case study.

Demo Request

Please contact us to schedule a personalized walkthrough of TallyFlow.​

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