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SpotSee ShockWatch RFID Tag

With the ShockWatch® RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag, it’s nearly impossible for items damaged by impacts to get past the supply chain. Simply choose the appropriate impact threshold and affix the ShockWatch RFID tag. Then, each time that a package or asset is remotely scanned by an RFID reader, its condition is entered automatically into the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software or warehouse management system, or the SpotSee Cloud. Actually seeing the indicator is not longer necessary as it is automatically registered in your system.


By combining traditional RFID inventory management with impact-damage monitoring, managers can use their existing ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID infrastructure to deter, detect, and diagnose damage throughout the supply chain.

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Key Features

  • RFID Enabled Impact Indicator

  • Easy to add into your current RFID program

  • Field-armable

  • Tamper-proof

  • UHF

  • Passive

  • Serialized

  • No batteries or wires


Linking RFID damage indications directly into your enterprise resource planning (ERP), with a one digit change to your existing RFID software, or warehousing applications has three benefits:

  1. It automatically identifies which products need inspections for damage and which are good to go.

  2. It assigns accountability. Because you know where damage occurred, you can fix any underlying problems.

  3. It automates reporting. Now you don’t need to rely on visually seeing an indicator. Simply scan the product into the ERP or warehouse management system, and it simultaneously reports any g-force threshold events. Thousands of packages can be read and evaluated for damage in seconds.


Monitoring packages in transit or storage with SpotSee can reduce damage by 40-60%. Less damage means fewer repairs or replacements, fewer delays, less operations disruptions, fewer claims filings, and a better reputation. It is a proactive tool to help your business spend less time remediating negative events.


ShockWatch RFID tags are field armable, tamperproof, and turn red when an impact beyond a specific g-force threshold has occurred. Because they can be read remotely, they do not require line of site, and therefore can be placed inside a box, crate, or package.

Pricing and Demo Information

For pricing information, please contact us. Quantity discounts are available. 

If you would like a demo, please contact us and we'll send you a tag to try out. 

ShockWatch Tag Documentation

ShockWatch Tag Integration with TallyFlow Tracking Software

Visit our TallyFlow tracking page if your business is interested in implementing asset tracking. 

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ShockWatch RFID Tag Demo Video

Watch our demo for the ShockWatch tag in the video below.

SpotSee ShockWatch Selection Guide

Please reference the chart below to determine the correct tag for your application. Each size can be found in our online store. 

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