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Sundog RFID Staple Tags

The Sundog RFID staple tags are polymer composite staples that are used for tracking in the lumber industry, as well as other industries that use rough wood. They can be used in the following applications: 

  • Log tagging and tracking

  • Pallet tagging and tracking

  • Utility pole marking

  • Railroad tie marking

One of the challenges that comes with tagging logs and other types of lumber is that standard adhesive tags are impractical due to the wood's rough surface. Since the Sundog tags are staples, they can be directly applied to wood and remain secure during transport and adverse weather conditions.

Using RFID for tracking allows you to eliminate labor for reading tags, since RFID readers can instantly read all tags within the reader range. This allows you to keep track of your inventory in real time, reducing the potential for inventory losses. 

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Sundog RFID Staple Tag


  • Aerospace grade polymer composite

  • Will not trip metal detector

  • Rugged and flexible

  • UHF radio frequency ID

  • Able to attach to rough wood

  • Manual or pneumatic installation

  • High read range (distance, angle)


  • SH/08-100RF US (902-928 MHz) - USA

  • SH/08-100F EU (864-869 MHz) - Europe

Fastener Specifications:

  • Length:  1” (25 mm)

  • Crown:  0.8” (20 mm)

  • Packaging:  250 tags/box

  • 8 boxes/case

Sundog RFID Staple Tag Introductory Video

Watch the video below to see the Sundog RFID staple tag in action.


For pricing information, please contact us. Quantity discounts are available.

Full-Featured Solution Available

If your company would like a full-featured solution for RFID tracking, we can help you by providing both the necessary hardware and software; we'll help you choose RFID readers, tags, and antennas that are best suited to your environment, and our TallyFlow asset tracking software will give you detailed, real-time tracking reports. 


We also offer free on-site evaluations for locations within a 3 hour radius of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Wooden Stack of Pallets
Pile of Logs
Utility Pole
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