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TallyPay Lightning - Lightning Network Bitcoin Payments

Low-fee, instant payments with the Strike app


Low fee, instant payments! Accept payments with QR codes and users who have the Strike app. Users pay with their Strike wallet balance. Instant settlements and withdrawals. TallyPay Lightning works with any Bitcoin Lightning wallet.

A standalone option is available and works with most Android phones or tablets.


  • Low fees

  • Instant settlement

  • Attract a growing segment

  • Privacy-focused for consumer

Supported Platforms

  • Poynt

  • Clover (coming soon)

  • Standalone Android


Ask us about other Android POS devices!

TallyPay Lightning on Google Play

Download the TallyPay Lightning app on Google Play.

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TallyPay Payment API for Poynt

Your all-in-one omnicommerce payment API for Poynt


The TallyPay Payment API for Poynt devices allows you to write in any language on any device to accept payments. Your cloud or mobile applications can now reach to on-premise Poynt payment terminals to accept or refund payments. Multiple businesses are separated to keep your transactions organized and secure.


Swipe, dip, scan, tap

With Poynt integration, accept all forms of physical payments including swipe or chip cards and contactless payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

iFrame Payments

Use tokens to charge a customer when using an iFrame or Web interface, safely and securely.



Every payment you accept is end-to-end encrypted, and your data is kept safe according to the most stringent industry standards. Payments are fully PCI DSS and PCI PTS certified.


Ease of Use

Using private API keys moves tedious OAuth2 work into the background, enabling you to process your transactions simply and efficiently.


Our administrative panel makes it easy to add new businesses to get them up and running quickly.


Processing Partner

Our payment processing partner, Moolah, is an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) authorized to handle merchant accounts for businesses. Whether processing with Moolah or another company, we welcome hearing from you.

TallyPay End User License Agreement

Read our TallyPay end user license agreement.

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