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Developing RFID or barcode solutions from scratch can be costly in both time and money. Our asset and personnel tracking software, our photo management software, and our barcode and RFID scanning middleware is enterprise-ready and supports a variety of scanners and readers. Companies who start with our software can get to market more quickly.

Software Services

Many companies' software teams are short-handed or lacking in specific expertise. Our experienced software engineers can help your team by building mobile or cloud apps or by developing full-featured solutions. Our capabilities are broad.


Software requires the right hardware to run effectively. We help you select quality RFID productsrugged mobile handheldstablets, and readers or scanners, with a focus on value. You will have the hardware that's right for your needs.


About Us

SDG Systems’ purpose is to help people solve their business problems by uniting technology (software and hardware), customer service, and relationships.


We combine our understanding of customer needs, software design and hardware to deliver standard or customized solutions which directly meet those needs. We focus on data collection technology solutions that include RFID, barcode scanning, mobile and embedded computers (IoT), communication, sensors, cloud and web services.

Featured Product: TallyPoint RF-1 RFID Edge Reader

Our TallyPoint RF-1 RFID Edge reader is now available! This reader features an Ubuntu Core 18 high security OS, which provides built-in security benefits such as isolation of applications via snaps and timely security updates. Our initial software support includes sending actionable IoT information to Microsoft Azure and TallyFlow.


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