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Barcode List Manager (Barliman) Enhancements

On March 6, 2015, we released enhancements to Barliman*, our Barcode List Manager for Android that works with our EPX-B software. The enhancements are as follows:

  • Record timestamp for each barcode

  • Export all fields for CSV

  • Improve scanner selection on startup

  • Lollipop devices now attach CSV file correctly in Gmail

  • Other bug fixes

As you can tell, the main new feature is recording and exporting the timestamp information. This feature is useful for recording when packages are scanned in the shipment or delivery process. Or, in a different scenario, ticket numbers and times can be scanned at a venue. The values can then be shared as a CSV file to Google Drive and converted to Google Sheets. Or, they can be shared by email or to another consumer of text or CSV files (Gmail, Evernote, etc.).

In addition to the timestamp feature, we now export all fields when output mode of CSV is selected. That way, we provide a consistent format that may be parsed when it is received. The recipient of the data may want to scan the list for duplicates (e.g. serial number duplicate prevention), or count the duplicates (e.g. inventory).

Barliman can be used to collect data in other ways. A useful extension to Barliman is that it can record the location of where the barcode was scanned -- very helpful in asset management. Interested in this or other features? Please contact us and let us know your needs!

Finally, Barliman for Android is still free. Be sure to try it out. It's available in the Google Play store, or by contacting our support team.

*Note: We have since renamed Barliman to "Data List Manager" because it now supports NFC in addition to barcode scanning.

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