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How Associating Barcodes with Photos Can Improve your Business

Use PhotoTag to quickly find photos for proof of condition, proof of quantity, and proof of work completed

For manufacturers, shippers, repair facilities, and other businesses that use photos in their daily operations, finding specific photos quickly is essential. While traditional photo management systems offer basic tagging and categorization, they lack the functionality needed for industries that rely heavily on barcodes. 

Recognizing this gap, we designed PhotoTag to go beyond basic tagging by allowing users to tag photos with barcode values in real time. This creates an efficient system for managing assets, submitting freight claims, simplifying repairs, and more. Businesses can quickly find photos for proof of condition, proof of quantity, proof of work completed, and other claims.

What is PhotoTag?

PhotoTag is a cloud-based photo management system that allows businesses to associate barcodes and other metadata with photos while the photos are being captured. Easily tag and categorize your photos based on customer, job site, order number, serial numbers, and other custom categories of your choosing.

Why Photos?

While barcodes excel at storing basic information, they lack a visual element. Photos are often used as a reference when filing freight claims, recording damages, performing inspections, and more. A single glance at a photo can reveal:

  • Product details. See exactly what an item looks like, including color variations, branding elements, or any distinguishing features. Distinguish between similar items by tagging each photo with the item’s barcode. 

  • Condition. Identify potential damage or wear and tear before an item ships or is put into production. This can help reduce freight claims and also improve quality control.

  • Item History. Capture pictures of the current state of an item. Over time, you can see the sorted, organized changes to each item. This is useful for inspections, construction sites, and manufacturing work-in-progress.

Why Barcodes?

Barcodes are the workhorses of many industries. They provide a quick and accurate way to track and identify items. By associating a photo with a scanned barcode value, you can find photos of specific items quickly. Here’s why barcode values make useful tags:

  • Reduced Errors. Scanning a barcode is more reliable than manually entering data.

  • Speed and Efficiency. Barcode scanning is much quicker than typing.

  • Software Integration. Barcode data can be seamlessly integrated with existing customer support, inventory, or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for real-time updates and improved decision-making.

Why Use Photos and Barcodes Together?

  • Improved Organization. Barcodes provide a structured system for categorizing and organizing your images.

  • Simplified Processes.  Being able to easily find and access photos simplifies processes across departments. Manufacturers can capture photos of work-in-progress (WIP) items without slowing down, repair technicians can quickly assess damage with reference photos, and shipping teams can verify packed items with a glance. 

  • Accountability. Linking photos to work orders helps companies maintain visual records ensuring that work is completed and material is handled correctly.

Example Use Cases: PhotoTag in Action

Let's explore how different businesses can benefit from PhotoTag:

  • Manufacturing. Capture photos of work-in-progress (WIP) items without slowing down production lines. With PhotoTag, simply scan a barcode (like a work order) and capture images of products or assemblies. Photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud, allowing for quick review, visual documentation, and corrective action if needed.

  • Shipping. Avoid costly freight claims! Scan barcodes on order numbers, pallet labels, or other tags, then capture images of freight during wrapping, staging, or loading. Retrieve photos promptly to address any issues with incorrect, damaged (proof of condition), or missing freight (proof of quantity).

  • Repairs. Ensure transparency by taking photos of items before, during, and after repairs. Scanning a barcode associated with the item allows for easy photo retrieval later and prompt communication with customers.

  • Paperwork. Digitize paperwork and improve tracking by capturing photos alongside scanned work order numbers. This provides valuable information for customer support and sales teams, allowing them to effectively communicate order status. Photos of receipts can streamline the expense reporting process.

Case studies

Looking to learn more? Here are some case studies of customers who use PhotoTag in various industries:

Madix: freight claims

Sun Surveillance: quality assurance

MKB Company: document tracking and sharing

Free trial

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of PhotoTag. No credit card is required. 

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