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Ricoh G800SE: More than a Camera

For most people needing photos in business, the process of taking digital pictures is to take the photo using a digital camera or smartphone, transfer the image to a desktop computer or cloud drive, then import the image into another application. The next steps can often be tedious: recalling where the picture was taken, naming the job site, who took the picture, etc. i.e., associating non-image data to the picture. The Ricoh G800SE can reduce the number of steps required to complete your work flow. The G800SE is more than a camera; it is a data collection tool. This article will provide reasons to consider using the G800SE in your image-collection workflow.

It’s about data

The Ricoh G800SE integrates data collection into the photography process. Data is embedded into or optionally imprinted on the JPEG images. The user can include data from a variety of sources:

  • Memo fields- Select from fully-customizable drop-down menus. E.g. location name, project name, inspection type, etc.

  • Barcode scanner- Scan a barcode or multiple barcodes to include that data in the image.

  • GPS / Compass- The location and direction can be recorded for each image to show where the photographer was standing and facing.

  • Laser ranger finder: connect to a compatible Bluetooth range finder to also record the distance to the object being photographed.

It’s about security

Many recent data breaches underscores the need to protect your data. The G800SE helps secure this data by a number of means:

  • Encryption- Images can be encrypted, so if you lose a camera, the data is not compromised.

  • Password Protection- To ensure that the G800SE can be used by a wide range of personnel and images captured with the desired settings, the G800SE can password protect various regions of the settings, allowing only authorized access.

  • Enterprise Wi-Fi- The G800SE supports a full range of Wi-Fi protocols, providing compatibility with and secure transmission of data. It even supports SFTP for uploading securely to the cloud from the field.

It’s about integrity

  • WORM support- The G800SE supports Write Once Read Many media. This ensures that images are not modified after the picture is taken. Useful for crime scenes, hospitals, or any time that data integrity is required.

  • Rugged- The G800SE is built to be tough. It is drop tested from 2.0m and is fully water- and dust-proof (IP68). It can even be chemically cleaned (ethanol and sodium hypochlorite) in medical or other harsh environments.

The Ricoh G800SE is designed to be more than a camera. It collects and maintains your data with integrity. If you do not need all of these features described here, the G800 may be an option for you. It removes the Bluetooth and WiFi, along with the expansion slot for the laser barcode scanner or GPS/compass, but retains all of the other features mentioned in this article.

For more information, please contact us or refer to the G800 or G800SE datasheet.

*Update 2019: The Ricoh G800SE has been replaced with the G900SE.

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