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Ricoh G900 and G900SE

The Ricoh G900 and 900SE models are the latest of Ricoh's rugged enterprise cameras. They feature high-speed wireless connections to computers, smartphones, and other devices via built-in Bluetooth and wireless LAN.


Security features include enterprise WiFi support and password protection for any or all camera features, including camera controls, menu access, internal memory viewing, and USB connection.


Cameras can be managed in-house or on in-house networks. Update firmware simultaneously on multiple cameras and otherwise reduce administrator workload and improve system integration.

Ricoh G900SE Rugged Camera Front View

The bundled EX2 application software can be used to export data in the highly-portable XML format for improved file-sharing.


The camera supports MIFARE, FeliCa, and ISO1443 TypeA/B contactless NFC cards, letting users unlock the camera simply by tapping it with a card. Card data can be linked to camera memos so that the camera can, for example, retrieve the user’s name from a previously-prepared list and record it when tapped with a company ID card.


The following accessories are included with the G900 and G900SE cameras: 

  • Neck Strap

  • USB Cable (Type-A - Type-C)

  • Rechargeable battery DB-110

  • Battery charger BJ-11 (USB interface: Type-C)

  • USB power adapter

  • Power plug

  • Macro stand (O-MS3)

  • Operating Manual



For pricing information, please contact us or visit our online store. Quantity discounts are available.


One of the G900SE's most unique features is the memo feature, which allows users to clearly label hard-to-identify photos with categories. Categories can be GPS-coordinates, barcodes, customers, supervisors, and other user-defined items. Learn how to use the memo feature by reading our tutorial or by watching the video below

Ricoh G900SE Administrative Password Protection

Learn how to use an NFC tag to enable and disable administrative password protection on the rugged Ricoh G900SE camera by watching the video below.

G900 vs. G900SE

The G900SE has WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC capabilities, but the G900 does not. Learn more about the differences between the G900 and the G900SE by viewing the PDF below. 

G900SE Manual and Datasheet

More G900SE Photos

Full-Featured Solution

For high-volume enterprise photography, organization is vital. Our PhotoTag software allows you to use barcodes, NFC tags, manual tags and categories to manage and search for photos. Contact us if you would like a free trial of PhotoTag. 

Factory Reset, Firmware Updates, Repairs, and Other FAQs


For factory reset instructions, firmware updates, and repair information, please visit our Ricoh FAQs page

Using the Watermark Functions Video

Shooting Small Subjects with 1cm Macro Video

Shooting Very Small Subjects in Digital Microscope Mode Video

Setting the Memory Card Security Video

Setting the Memory Card Security Video

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